Thursday, August 12, 2010

Motherhood :: Covington Georgia Family Photography

Being a mother is hard. Especially when your child is SO much like you in so many ways and not in so many others. My poor boy talks too much just like I did (and do) and has my stomach issues and says the most random unexplainable things out of the blue that makes you wonder just how his mind works and struggles with math. Ask my mom and dad, just like me at his age. . .and sometimes even now.

One way that he is not like me is his timidity in standing up for his religion. This is his first year being the only one of Jehovah's Witnesses in his class. It's a new experience for him and I didn't realize that.

He was telling us about how on the first day of school each student had to tell the others some unique things about themselves. He told his name and that his favorite book was "How to Train Your Dragon" and a few other things. Innocently, I asked him if he told them he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses since that is pretty unique.

"NO! I didn't just want to blurt that out."

"Well, honey, it wouldn't have been blurting it out since you were telling them things about yourself."


After a few more minutes of talking I realized something.

"Liam, are you scared of telling them?"



"I'm the only one out of 23 students in the class!"

That's when I really thought about it and realized that this is a whole new experience for him. And it scares him. And that's how he's not like me. I was bold from a very early age about my religion. One of my friends from childhood's favorite memory of me is when she first met me in first grade and she was new in the area and also one of Jehovah's Witnesses. We were in the same class and sitting in a group discussing birthdays and I stood right up and said, "Heidi and I don't do that! We're Jehovah's Witnesses."

That same boldness carried on as I progressed in school. I argued...ahem...debated evolution with my atheist biology substitute teacher and brought my Bible to school as some classmates and I would have lengthy discussions in the school cafeteria. When kids teased me, I took it in stride and never really let it bother me.

Everyday Liam talks to me about how awesome Jehovah is for creating the bugs and the flowers and everything so I never thought he would be timid in school. Now, I am just going to have to focus on helping him understand that if he truly believes in what we teach him from the Bible that courage is needed to tell others the things he is learning. That it's okay to be afraid but it's even more important to rely on Jehovah to conquer that fear.

Below is a picture that I found on one of my recent visits home of my friend from childhood that Facebook has reconnected me with. We stayed close growing up even when we moved physically apart and I was in her wedding but then, as it often goes in life, we drifted apart. Facebook is good for some things. ;)
Since this last week was my last week for two years without braces I had a last minute hair-brained scheme and was bound and determined to get some images of me with my loved ones. This started with setting up the tripod at the beach for a few family shots (which I will show you guys soon although they aren't the best) and then the Wednesday before I got them on, Spencer and I took Liam to a local park to practice riding his bike and to also get some fun shots of him and I as mother and son. Not to mention, let Spencer get some practice in. ;)

We started out goofy. . .
. . .then got really sweet.
I do believe I am in love with this shot.
These next two as well, but the top one especially, I absolutely love.
I think it's pretty safe to say that Spencer did a pretty durn good job.
I couldn't let things go without a little tickle action. :D
I believe we were looking for ants at this point because we found the longer we stayed in a particular spot the more ants gravitated towards us. NOT cool. I still have war wounds.
Spencer couldn't let things go without getting a few shots of
me by myself so I obliged. . .for once.
The second shot here is completely unposed.
I was stretching out as I like to do and Spencer still shot.
I think I look kinda funny, but it's one of Spencer's favorites.
I believe at this point Liam was very much tired of looking out for and avoiding ants.
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  1. Love your pics as usual!!!May want to get you to make some family pics sometime.....Spencer did an awesome job too!!