Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Covington GA Maternity Photography - Emily Rogers and Family

Nothing short of miraculous. Knowing you are the sole provider for a life growing inside of you. Feeling those tiny flutters deep down inside is a magic that cannot be accurately described by myself or anyone I know. There's a comfort in knowing that while your baby is in your womb that you are able to take care of them in a way that is singular and can only be envied by the male of the species.

Recently, I had the privilege of photographing a dear friend of mine as she was in the last trimester of her second pregnancy.

This is an avenue of photography that I have only discovered in the past year but have grown to love so dearly. Pregnancy is such a unique time in a mother's life that can never be duplicated.

We started out simple.

Then added her little bundle of energy to the mix.
This is quite possibly one of my favorite images I have ever taken.
Oh those baby blues. As blue as the ocean he is named after.
A few fun shots with the current star of the show.
He is such a photogenic little guy. He kept saying "Cheese! Let me see!" Ahh the age of digital cameras. What wonders they do for the little hambones out there. ;)
A few quiet moments with mom and dad as Spencer kept little Ocean entertained.
Emily is from Pennsylvania and is a huge Steelers fan. This was a special request and I think it's adorable.
I love this next image.

When I walked in the house I knew immediately that I had to use these curtains. Perfection.
Holy HOTNESS Batman!
Stop! Rewind! Let's get a closer look a that one...WOW! Can we say knockout? Seriously, wow.

Again! You have got to be kidding me with this gorgeousness. And the eyes?! Sheesh.

She truly was a lovely mother-to-be.
Trying to get Ocean to understand that he needed to kiss "baby brother" was quite the amusing ordeal.
Daddy even tried getting on his knees to show him what they meant. Unfortunately, Ocean mistook the instructions in thinking he needed to get on his knees as well. Or should I say fortunately since I got this timeless shot of Emily laughing at it all?As fast as this little guy moved, I was happy to be able to snag a few shots of his adorable little mug.
I did mention that they were huge Steelers fans didn't I? ;)

Cutest football fan through and through.
I cannot begin to tell you how relieved he was to be able to take off his jeans and hit around a few golf balls in the front yard.

Look at that form! What a little man-child.
"Baby brother" Lochlin Pierce was born a few weeks after the shoot. I am hoping I will have the honor of photographing him outside of the security of his mother's womb in his new loving environment.

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  1. Abra, these pictures are gorgeous! You have such an amazing talent. You are definitely my favorite photography artist ever! Keep capturing these beautiful moments!
    Nicole Crosby