Monday, August 17, 2009

Stockbridge, GA Baby Shower - Celebrating Ethan Alexander

Nine years ago this November, I photographed a wedding for my new friend, Meraiah. This Saturday, I was happy to be able to attend the shower for her expected bundle of joy.

I have to admit, I was hesitant at first because most of the people I knew would be there, I had not seen in ages. Not only that, but I have a tendency to divide my life into PRE-Liam and POST-Liam and most of the people I knew there fell into the PRE-Liam part of my life. Isn't it odd how our minds work?

Needless to say, I had fun and it was an awesome shower. So well put together and you could tell everyone was having fun by how loud the room stayed from all of the laughter and talking.

Baby Ethan's room is all decked out in a beach theme with an abundance of turtles waiting to be his friend. Including this little guy whose temporary abode was atop this absolutely delicious cake. I am sure he wished he could have had a piece himself.
I love the detail work on the icing. I will be honest, I did not realize it was a turtle drawn in icing until I got home and looked at the pictures.

The guest of honor, herself looking radiant.
I almost didn't get my camera out for the shower but how sad would I have been to have missed out on getting shots like this of my favorite little baby girl?
Or of this gorgeous little toddler with a personality just as fiery and gorgeous as her hair?
The food was enjoyed by all, but I believe none more so than little Miss Lilah enjoying her chocolate covered Strawberry.
Well, maybe Bella enjoyed it more than Lilah. :D
This dear lady is the grandmother and a dear friend. I called her beautiful and she truly looked shocked. I can't imagine why.
We actually had an interesting discussion about how on a daily basis, the image we see of ourselves in the mirror is not what everyone else sees so when we see a photo of ourselves, it takes some getting used to because it is not the us we are used to seeing.

After some coaxing, my dear friend Hannah was able to get the laughter and talking to die down to a point that she could tell us a story of how some time ago before her baby sister was pregnant, she found herself in a maternal mood. So she started writing a lullaby. She knew that one day that she would sing it to a very special baby. Little Ethan Alexander is the perfect recipient for such a sweet lullaby.

Many tears were shed watching this touching little performance as Hannah sung from her heart to baby sister.
Hannah is the lead singer of a local band Exit 44. Check them out here. You can also hear some of Hannah's vocal talent by clicking here. But nothing compares to hearing her live.

(Side note, her singing of Allison Krauss' When You Say Nothing At All is nothing short of phenomenal. I have vivid memory of dancing to that song on CD at my wedding with my husband and having her come over and envelop us in a hug as she started swaying with us and singing along. Happy times.)

Laughter can't help but overtake me a bit when I view the next series of the two sisters interacting.
Where's the baby? THERE'S the baby!

I swear I think this is the best SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot I have taken. I wish I could duplicate this lighting for all of my portraits. Seriously, not a bit of post processing in photoshop. Her eyes are really that blue.
Let the games begin!
Meraiah's sister-in-law, Kristi, took over our unruly little bunch to play a series of shower games. Quite a few had the room roaring in laughter.

We all tested our knowledge of childhood nursery rhymes. It wasn't as easy as it sounds.

I do believe this little sweetie won the game of gathering the most clothespins from people who were crossing their arms and/or legs. She was a little policeman patrolling the place in search of those forgetting the rules.I have to admit, I find it funny how cake cutting has become such an important thing at most gatherings and/or showers. The guest of honor is usually pressed to cut the first piece. Out of curiosity I looked up the cake cutting tradition and ran across these two articles that were quite amusing and informative here and here.

All that is really important, though, is that the cake was delicious. ;)
I LOVE capturing sweet moments like this one.

If you are the soon-to-be father and you are called to come to the shower for some reason such as, "Can you bring some large garbage bags please?" you can pretty much guarantee that you have just been duped into participating with your lovely wife in the gift opening ceremony.

But who can really complain when you have all of these awesome looking gifts to open?

My only question is, where's Meraiah?

This little girl was barely walking when Meraiah got married. I think I feel a bit old.
Milkaholic? This may be the best wrapping paper ever.
This was a very well documented baby shower.

A much deserved head massage since Amanda worked so hard helping to make her sister-in-law's shower a success.
Who needs toys when you have wrapping ribbon?
My friend Sunny Gail toiled all morning making this box lid look this good. The best part is that you could remove the lid without undoing any of her hard work. How cool is that?

I repeat the warning from above. Fathers-to-be! If you get a call during your wife's baby shower asking you to bring some random much needed item you will most likely be subjected to treatment such as you see below:
A few more random shots I got as the shower was winding down.

I love how there is a sneaky little visitor in the bottom left hand of this picture.

Getting used to stroller duty.
Meanwhile, back at the house, some of the guys were passing their time waiting on their wives. The only thing they had to keep them entertained was a keg of beer, a stack of pizzas and a football game. Yeah, I don't feel sorry for them either.
It was nice relaxing and sitting around talking after all of the festivities.

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