Saturday, August 22, 2009

Folly Beach, SC Continued

So here are the rest of the pictures that I meant to post last night but was too delirious to get them out.

I believe it is sad that it has taken me so long to post these, but I love them so much I had to get them up here.

When we got to Foley Beach, Liam so wanted to feed the seagulls so I gave him some bread and told him to go FAR away so that they wouldn't flock around us.
Did you notice something I caught in that last picture? I didn't until editing these in Photoshop.
GO ME for catching a crumb in midair!!! :D
See? Isn't it great? He's making his way back to us leaving the seagulls far behind. WHEW!

I can only guess why in the world he would have been making this face.
We had quite a few really cool discoveries that day. We saw MANY little hermit crabs. Any shell I spied that I wanted for myself was already occupied.

The second coolest thing we saw was this live starfish. How awesome is that?

This would be the MOST awesomest things we saw. See how close it is to the shore?
No it is not a shark. It was a dolphin. I kept standing there with my camera, my voice a few octaves higher than normal shrieking about seeing a dolphin.

Do you notice what point I am trying to make in the below picture?
Yeah, that's right. The dolphin was THAT close and Spencer seemed totally oblivious to it's presence.

You see here Liam excitedly trying to explain to Lee and Spencer what they had just missed.
SOOO handsome...even with cut off toes.

LOVE this image in black and white. {{sigh}} Those eyes.
On our way to the lighthouse we came across this little area. I think that the artist did an excellent job capturing the essence of Mr. T. "I pity the fool who airbrushed over my face."
Attempting to skip stones in the ocean. Not sure how successful they were.

Why yes, I do have a thing for feet.
Not sure if this was the same guy on the other beach but if it was, he found a friend to accompany him.
I will leave you with a few "pretty" shots I got while I was observing my little family.


  1. What gorgeous pictures!! Wish I could have been there, looks like it was fun

  2. So very very beautiful!!!! All of them.

  3. I love the shots of the beach line. The atlantic coast is so different that the pacific. I adore it. I would hang those in my house!