Saturday, August 22, 2009

Folly Beach, SC Liam in Charleston

Right now...I should most definitely be in bed. At this point it may actually be better for me to stay up than try to get a few winks of sleep. I have been slipping back into my late night, insomniac ways that I was working so hard to break. I love the calmness and clarity that come from staying up late at night when all of your loved ones are safe in bed.

I have had so much and yet not going on in my life since being unemployed. The first few weeks were pretty easy to get through as I focused most of my time on going out in the ministry and cleaning house. Now that week three has just concluded, I am feeling more overwhelmed by all of the things that I need to get done but am unable to because I can't seem to make sense of the clutter inside my head. Aimlessly I surf the internet subconsciously and yet not avoiding things that need to be done and decisions that need to be made regarding my photography. Then when I finally lay down in bed, all of the things I have put off come rushing to the forefront of my mind begging and pleading to be remembered the next day.

And now, I am going to allow that cycle to continue as my eyes finally keep getting heavy with sleep to the point of involuntarily closing.

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