Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Childhood Lost

I don't think I have yet to post this picture that I took what feels like forever ago now. I took this at Piedmont Park when Spencer and I went there for the first time back on our date day.
I absolutely LOVE this image. It strikes at my heartstrings and reminds me of happy carefree time called childhood.

I was talking to a few mothers last night at the Kingdom Hall about how Liam's best friend in California doesn't even get a naptime and in some schools by the time you get into 2nd & 3rd grades there is no recess.


NO RECESS! I swear that we are stripping childhood away from our children. There are SO many geniuses and great people who had normal childhoods and still did great things. Why do we feel the need to cram our kids heads and not allow fun time? We seem to be afraid that unless we keep them constantly busy with many activities that they will become vagrants and vagabonds. {{sigh}} Let the poor dears have their childhood to enjoy. They are smart little sponges and absorb more than we think they do and will have enough of no fun when they grow up.
Okay, okay, I will get off of my soapbox now. If you like the picture above, it is for sale at my little shop here.


  1. super fab shot! I also totally agree with you...I'm on that soapbox with that topic quite a bit ;)

    Happy LT!

  2. Amen! Beautiful shot. I'm completely drawn to the little girl in the red sweater.

  3. Amazing photo! I love it! Happy Love Thursday!