Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I tried my hardest to post Pirate pictures last night to no avail. Blogger just wouldn’t accept them and I am not sure why. In the interim until I can try to post them again let me tell you about my weekend.
My little family went down to Macon this weekend to visit my family and as usual relaxed doing absolutely nothing. We brought Milo with us because we don’t like to leave her alone for the whole weekend. She and my mom and Sara’s dogs get along fairly well and she is very submissive to them. When my mom last puppy sat Milo, she and Dad always would take Milo out on a leash whereas their dogs roam free because Milo isn’t used to that. She resides comfortably in our big fenced in backyard. Long story short, we should have continued this practice because early Sunday evening she was in the road and refusing to come when Spencer called her and got hit by a car.

Don’t worry, she didn’t die but her back leg is broken…as well as her spirit. You can see it in her eyes in this picture I took last night.
(Sorry for the poor image quality, I took it with my new camera phone and am not used to it yet)
She is such a pitiful invalid. I know it hasn’t been long since the accident but it makes my heart sad to see her so languid with no pep.

(Here you see her styling with the bright pink bandaging the vet's children picked out for her)

So here's to my poor little doggie with the hopes that her spirits will recover soon.

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