Friday, August 15, 2008

Jack Johnson

Many, many moons ago, when Spencer had a job and we had some disposable income, we bought tickets to go see Jack Johnson at the HiFiBuys/Lakewood Ampitheater. That day finally arrived on Wednesday and we took our broke butts on up to the festivities.

Last time Spencer and I went to a concert at this venue, we were not dating yet. Funny how things go. We went to see Dave Matthews Band (ROCK ON BABY!) and it had just rained so we were prepared and brought tarps. They were thrown away by security upon entry. ALSO, as you know, most concert venues do not allow cameras or bags or ANYTHING, so to be safe, Spencer and I trekked on in with nothing but our tickets, IDs and some money. . . well wouldn't you know it, we could have brought in bags WITH cameras and a blanket. I was so jonesing for my camera but had to make do with my camera phone. Didn't do a bad job, don't you think? This was our view as we laid on our backs in the grass. The sky was quite pretty after a day of rain.
This was a shot of the lawn when it wasn't even at its most crowded point. The people don't start coming out of the woodworks until the main act begins. And here's a shot of Spencer and I enjoying ourselves people watching (and is crazy what people will wear to concerts) as we hold our spot on the grass. We had a pretty great view of the stage and the large viewing screens.
Our view was actually better than this but there was no zoom on my camera phone. It was an awesome show and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I was pretty dang tired the next day but it's not often we do things like this. Heck, you're only young once right?

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  1. Hope you both had a nice night out.