Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Liamisms and other such updates

I know I have not been on here for some time it’s just that a LOT has been going on and I haven’t had the spare time to be able to edit any pictures. I have SO many to show all of you they just are in their rough state right now. Photoshop has ruined me. :(

I have a few Liamisms to share though that are too cute to keep to myself.

The first is one that my mom told me about a little bit ago. She and my sister have two female dogs. And we all know what dogs do to clean/scratch certain areas. Well one day Liam says:

“Freckles, stop licking your penis!”

Mom immediately corrected him, “Liam, Freckles is a girl, she doesn’t have a penis.”

“No,” Liam agreed “boys have penises, girls just have a line down there.”


I don’t think life gets much better than laughing at things like that.


On Monday Liam asked Spencer and I where he was going the next day. “You’re going to big kids school again.”

“But, I don’t wanna go to big kids school. I wanna go out in service.”

Don’t we all sweetie? Just want to skip our other mundane responsibilities and go out in service everyday. Welcome to your first taste of the grown up world.


Last night on the way home from the meeting, Liam and I were singing the bits and pieces of different kingdom songs that he knows. We are almost home when he asks:

“Mommy, when we get home can I watch a Jehovah movie? Because I want to learn more about Jehovah.”

I immediately wished that it wasn’t so late just so that I could oblige such a sweet request as that. It makes me forget about the fact that school has been a bit rocky so far. . .

Wait! I haven’t told you about that yet have I?


Liam’s first day of school, the teacher’s aide calls us up to let us know that Liam had his scissors out when he wasn’t supposed to and cut his hair. Why oh why, we don’t know. He has used scissors at Pre-K, Grandpa’s house, AND our house without ever doing any such thing. . .but at school, he felt the urge.

Liam’s second day, he gets a squiggly face on his daily agenda because he was continuously talking and making noises when he shouldn’t. When I talked to him about it that night, he told me that he had been making himself burp. {{HUGE SIGH}} It seems I am raising a class clown.

Day three of school and Liam gets another squiggly face for hitting a boy…twice. At this point I am near tears because my baby boy is not showing his best side and making himself, not to mention his parents, look bad. :(

Day four he finally came home with a smiley face. Since then it has been up and down with his conduct. He has already had to be moved to his own desk because of talking too much. As always, it makes me want to call Mom to apologize profusely to her since I also was an incessant talker through my school years.

Hopefully I will have some pictures up soon. I have some from my lovely in-laws anniversary weekend with all the kids down, I have some from the beach and I just remembered I still haven't posted Pirate Party pictures! Oh goodness me! :) And those are all edited and ripe and ready to share. I will endeavor to get those up VERY soon.

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