Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Not sure if any of you know this but...I simply LOVE is easily noticed by the images below. Recently my sister asked me about the pictures that I had taken in Charleston waaayyy back in May. I told her that sadly I had not even touched them. Well after she "borrowed" a few to play with for a project she is working on, I decided to play with them myself when I had a "spare" moment last night before bed. {{hold on, let me stop laughing as I imagine that I actually HAD a SPARE moment}}
So this is what I came up with. I love TTV (through the viewfinder) shots and since I do not have the camera to be able to pull it off for real, I did the next best thing. I have a great layer that I downloaded from this wonderful lady's website that emulates a viewfinder and then I layered a nice texture on top of that in the soft light blending mode. Sorry if I am getting too technical for you, just wanted those who know photoshop to be able to figure out what I did.

I plan on selling these in my shop soon so if you just love them, like I do, you don't have long to be able to own one or all of them.

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