Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Miss Abigail Jade

Here is one of my best friend's firstborn. They almost cursed her with my first name. Instead, she is the lovely, darling, sassy Abigail who is the spitting image of her mother and so kindly informed that I may call her "Abby".
She was definitely my little poser but that turned out for the best sometimes. This goofy shot just makes me laugh. Not quite sure what we had going on here. Cute but evil bunny perhaps?
These next two shots are really some of my favorites. I love her stance and the wall and just...the yumminess of it all.

She really knew how to work it and all I did was have my camera at the ready.

This is the "portrait" shot. Who said brown eyes were boring? Oh right, my sister. :)
Her arms got a bit cold, so I gave her a scarf to use as a prop.
Oh the attitude and personality. Makes shots like this my favorite. Funny faces and all.
LOVE it!!
Wardrobe change and a sweet smile.

More goofiness. . .
A little bit of texture.
Location change. She was braver than her brother on the train. . .at first. Just look at that pose!
I know that the second shot is not in perfect focus. Ask me if I care?
After the train, we really were done and the light had for the most part abandoned us, but this little girly girl REALLY wanted to change into her "dressy" clothes. SO. . .we found a little painted wall and I grabbed what I could. Not too terrible. :P :)
Serious?. . .NO that was just a facade. The smile reappeared very quickly.
One more darling little laugh to end this long post. This was genuine too as I had just reached out to try and tickle her.
Tomorrow (or the day after) you get to meet her brother a bit more.

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  1. Hi Abra!
    Kids are just sooo much fun to photograph, aren't they? I love it as they don't get as shy (and some not at all!) behind the camera as most adults do.
    A lovely series of shots - my favourites are 3, 8 and 17. I love the processing on some of the railway shots too.
    Good job!! :-)
    Nicola, xx