Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Master Sean Hudson

I swear, I have the hardest time narrowing down the pictures that I plan to post. I at least try to keep them diverse. But who doesn't like looking at pictures, anyway. . .right?

This is Master Sean who is 4 and is so much bigger than my dear 5 year old Liam that, because he could not seem to remember Liam's name, Sean kept referring to him as that "little guy". {{sigh}} My poor "little guy". :)

Is not this little face just too cute? I call this my perfect portrait shot.

LOVE this one. You can tell I was getting him on the go.
And here we have the goofball that he is showing up. If you remember from my previous post, this was while they were doing the chicken dance.
This one totally trips me out because he and his sister kept jumping down the steps but this one doesn't look so much like he was jumping as it looks like he's striking an Elvis pose. "Thank ya, thank ya very much."
WHAT an expressive face. And those lips. A girl would kill for naturaly red lips like that.
Again, those lips.
I actually have many shots of this crooked little mouth. It seemed to be a very absent minded habit of his.
This next one is really one of my absolute favorites of him.
Who me? Handsome? Never.
When we got the umbrellas out, we opened them for both of them, but Sean liked to close his and then couldn't quite get the hang of opening it back up. Thus the intensity as seen in the hunched shoulders here.
{{happy contented sigh}}LOVE it!!! Yes, I am saying that a lot, but I DO.
Another favorite. Stance, long grass, pants tucked into the galoshes. The whole nine yards.
Okay, it doesn't seem right to keep saying that I have so many favorites, but I can't seem to help it. I'm not being egotistical. . .really. Do you believe me?
I love the mood the fog lends to this image.
Can you believe I ever thought I did not like photographing kids? Take them to a cool place and let them be themselves and you've got magic. Not that it's smooth sailing, by ANY means, but I am learning that there is more to photography than weddings and am lovin' it. ;)


  1. I loved scrolling through these sets...you are so talented and have a wonderful gift!

  2. i agree - kid photography is all about letting them be THEM!! love the side by side pics with the umbrella, and that last one! great job!