Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man of My Heart

Yeah, I feel like a dork. I am sitting here endeavoring to edit some shots of my Liam and my mom with one eye closed. I wish I had an eyepatch right now.

Why in the world would you be doing that, you may very well ask. And a very good question that would be.

Well, the thing is, my contact messed up on me and I have no solution in this whole entire house in order to clean it and put it back in. REAL neat. So I had to take it out and put it in an old lens case and sent my dear man to the store to get some solution for me. :) Makes it difficult to edit photos but makes it easy to see why I love him so much. He thinks nothing of doing things like that for me. He is my goofy, loving, lovable teddy bear...granted I sometimes want to rip the head off of that teddy bear, but, hey, that's life. Sometimes I talk to some of my friends and it really makes me realize how great it is that Spencer and I are best friends.

In many ways, being so much alike can be infuriating but at the same time. . .we get each other. I think some of my favorite times are when I will make some kind of obscure off color comment and he will just look at me with these grin of disbelief on his face and tell me that he was just thinking of the exact same thing.

This was at a kick butt playground across from the GA aquarium that we went to the other weekend before Mom and Dad's anniversary dinner. This particular contraption spins faster with your weight.
Last time we came here, both Spencer and I went down this slide. It is most fun because it has rollers like a conveyor belt. Makes going down all the faster. I love this shot with Liam watching on.Secure enough in his masculinity to tote my polka dotted umbrella. :) I took this shot holding the camera above my head.
My favorite shot.
Oh I just had another goofy memory pop up in my head as I asked Liam if he knew where his pirate patch was. (Yes, I was going to actually use it. It's quite disconcerting to see fuzzy out of one eye and not the other.) We were coming home from getting Liam his pirate patch and hook and Spencer decided to wear them both while driving down the interstate. We giggled the whole time just waiting for someone to look over and notice him. Alas, people were very tunnel visioned that day.

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  1. Oh, I thought you meant he blogged not that you blogged about him...I was all excited. Cute though