Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twitter My Love

So I have had nothing really interesting to say as of late, besides the fact that Ms. Negativity has been inhabiting my body recently, so I have not really posted much.

The coolest thing to happen as of late was that my old roommate who left me to get married and move to New York State came down to visit and for me to take pictures of her two kiddos.

I am still working on getting those ready to debut on here but, in the meantime, I finally created a twitter account for my love who usually occupies his time reading mine. He had no profile picture at first. I had one in mind but he decided which one he liked but didn't know how to resize it. So I took it upon myself to, not only resize it, but tweek it as well. I like how it turned out. This was taken on our two year anniversary trip to Charleston in May. Ahh, good times.

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