Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We were finally able to hand out with our dear friends again recently. We spent a whole afternoon and evening together enjoying each other's company. And I fell in love with Bella.

First are a few of my favorites of the new little family. I love the intimacy of this shot as they gaze upon their precious baby girl.

She snoozed on and off for her whole visit. Her mommy said she was fussy, but I thought that was crazy considering what a sweetheart she was in comparison to many ones as young as she. Turns out the poor wee thing has a tummy ache that day.

A quiet little daddy moment.

Asleep again in mommy's arms. Isn't it funny how we never think well of ourselves? For instance, this young lady thinks nothing of her looks. But, as you can see, she is greatly mistaken.

Oh, the dimples are just divine. . .

. . .and the dear lashes.

As pitiful of a face as this is, it only lasted a moment before it was gone and replaced by a smile.

This next series of images are some of my favorites as they already show what a sweet, loving, and cheerful personality she has.

Does she not have eyes that shine right through you?

I know that they won't have their true color until she is about 18 months old, but they are such a nice smoky slate blue right now, so it seems.

Night, night.