Monday, January 10, 2011

Aberra in Love for 10 Years - Stockbridge GA Couple Photography

I was very excited when this couple that I've gotten to know better in the first year of their child's life then I had the previous nine years of their marriage asked me to commemorate their ten year anniversary with pictures of just the two of them.

I love how the two of them interact together.
The light was beautiful.

It's always nice to see people still together and happy after ten years.
LOVE these next two.
It's very difficult for them to stay serious together.

I really love this one, but. . .
THIS one is by far my FAVORITE!! I love the light and their gorgeous expressions.

I was trying out a few directions I had learned from this amazing man named Jesh de Rox when I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a photographer's convention that I went to in March in Las Vegas. I still would LOVE to share with all you his amazing vision.

As I mentioned, using some directions I learned from him, I was able to get some fun reactions and expressions from the two of them.

This series was supposed to be very serious, but her husband could not go without trying to make her laugh.
I am in love with the image on the right. Somehow, so much emotion is conveyed to me in that image.

Now that their little son is 1 year old, I won't have the excuse that I have had to see them every three months like I have, but I look forward to documenting their lives as a family as time goes on.

To see more of my family photos go online or contact me for pictures of your own.

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