Monday, January 31, 2011

Sara - Model Shoot - Macon Georgia

My sister did something I consider to be heroic. She asked to step in front of my camera for a photo shoot she had in mind. Why is that heroic you ask? We both have a tendency to be camera shy. I personally prefer to stay on the other side of the camera so as to avoid having my picture taken. 

One weekend when I was down visiting in Macon we went to downtown Macon to have a little fun. 
She's not the kind to give a fake laugh so I had to do some really silly stuff here to make her laugh.
For this one, I got out my lensbaby for a little fun. I always know I'm going to get interesting results when I break this lens out. I love the rainbow flare I got as well.
A little attitude.
I had a hard time deciding whether I liked black and white or color on this next shot. 
I love this shot of her "soaking in the sun".
We decided after these shots that she is definitely a hat person.
I love this old building behind her. I think the colors of the brick and the pop of yellow from the bush. 
With the sun going down, we headed back to the area we started our session at to get some fun
shots against this colorful wall. I love this series of her big, beautiful, genuine smile. . . 
 . . .and me making her laugh again. :D
 Like I said, she is definitely a hat person.
 I wasn't sure how this one would work out but I kind of like the sassiness it brings out of her because,
 as anyone who knows Sara knows, she is definitely sassy
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  1. She is gorgeous!!!! Beautiful session :)

  2. Thank you so much Meredith! I will be sure to tell her you said so. ;)