Monday, January 17, 2011

Ethan Aberra - One Year Old - Stockbridge Georgia

I'm so behind in my blogging that this gorgeous little boy is now closer to 18 months now than 1 year but I couldn't resist showing off how gorgeous this little guy is.

The many expressions of Ethan. :) He is such an expressive little guy.

They made a point that they must have pictures of him walking now. It amazed me how fast he picked up on the whole walking thing. He was barely walking at 9 months and then he's an expert by one year.
Ethan and his gorgeous Aunt Hannah.

Play time.
I love this shot on the left. I was hanging over the back of the couch to get it. He loves me with the camera around my neck. It's pretty much the only way he recognizes me.
A little peak a boo time with mom.

This was the first time that we decided to venture away from the house for family pictures. It was a special occasion, with him being a big one year old and all. ;)

Get mommy's nose!

For some reason, I really love this picture.
A little fun on the playground before we headed on home.

One last compilation shot showing how this little guy grew over the course of a year. It still amazes me how fast they grow and change in that first year. To me, it just reemphasizes how important it is to document it all before it's gone. I even made him his own little website showing his growth.
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