Monday, January 3, 2011

Rachel Allen - Senior Photos - Indian Springs State Park

I'm trying to catch up on sessions that really should not be missed. I did this amazing senior session this summer with a lovely girl who was so sweet and willing to try anything I suggested.

I headed to Indian Springs State Park where we had arranged to meet a little bit early to check out the area for possible locations and was very excited by the plethora.
I loved all of the stonework in the pavilion as well as the light coming through.

I absolutely love this stone wall covered in moss. Reminds me of the stone walls I saw when I got the opportunity to visit Scotland when I was seventeen.
Definitely one of my favorites.
The two of us picking our way across the rocks with our flip flops was very interesting to behold, I am sure.

Doesn't she have some of the most amazing blue eyes.

Another one of my favorites. It's so nice when you have clients that are willing to lay down on the ground for you. ;)

I asked mom if she wanted to join in for a picture with her gorgeous daughter. She was a bit reluctant but you wouldn't know it from her amazing smile.
I also enjoyed making her this awesome personalized website just for her.

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