Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Say NO

Today marks the beginning of my two weeks sugar-free. Since I have a serious addiction to sugar and I know it contributes to many negative factors in my health, I am trying to kick the dependency. I am still going to be eating whole wheat carbs and fruit but NO candy or dessert of ANY sort. Today I have already eaten a whole can of pineapple chunks (packed in its’ own juice) am currently drinking a Diet Coke with Splenda and can’t wait to get home to grapes I have there. This is not going to be easy but a lady I spoke with once told me if you can get through two weeks you pretty much have the habit beat. I talked to Spencer beforehand to warn him that I may not be pleasant to deal with at times in the next few weeks and he said that he understood and would help me. Hopefully this will be the boost I need. It's definitely going to be a struggle...I'm already jonesin' for some candy big time.

Here’s an example of the attitude I had as a kid from my favorite comic strip: "For Better or Worse".

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