Friday, February 29, 2008

Sugar is EVERYWHERE!!!

Day 5 with no sugar and boy am I hating it. I have to say I’ve been pretty darn good so far. Last night I was offered a marshmallow by an unsuspecting person and I said no. About as bad as I have been is my fat free whipped cream that I eat on my whole wheat waffles. It’s better than the honey and peanut butter that I usually indulge in as toppings. Well, I knew the whipped cream had sugar but not sure how much…in the first 5 ingredients there is sugar, corn syrup AND high fructose corn syrup. Good gracious you have got to be kidding me. So I was just tempted to go in the fridge at work to just spoon some up when my co-worker was telling me her nephew just ate three Dunkin’ Donuts. I stopped myself and decided to get a spoonful of peanut butter instead…made with roasted peanuts and SUGAR! ARGH! I’m just glad that I am not cramming a candy bar down my throat right now although Diet Coke with Splenda is my best friend right now.

Even the other day when I went to Curves, they gave me a goodie bag with coupons and snacks and half the snacks were sugar filled. Chocolate Granola Bar, Honey Crunch Cereal, Chocolate Drizzled Rice Cakes...I think I did good I only ate half of a sample pack of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar covered Almonds. Brown Sugar is better for you right? I still remember my mom catching me in my room with little snack baggies of brown sugar...I'm like a crack addict here. :) Now none of these snacks from Curves are REALLY bad for you but I'm trying to do this thing all the way. ::DEEP breaths:: My dear husband had to calm me down last night because not one pound have I lost since undertaking this, reminding me that weight is not the most important thing.

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