Sunday, March 2, 2008

Date Day

When Spencer and I first got married we tried to start a tradition of a date day once every month with just the two of us. It didn’t last that long. My mom and Dad get Liam for a weekend once every 2-3 weeks but we usually just bum around and/or work on the house when Liam is not there. Well, I decided the other weekend that it was time for a date day and since we don’t have a whole lot of money, I sent him this cute certificate for a FREE date day, where we would have a picnic lunch in Piedmont Park in Atlanta and then wander around with our cameras taking photographs of the sites. For dinner we would use a gift card he got from his job for dinner at Maggiano’s.

Well, it did not start off free. Since I did not have much lunch meat to make our sandwiches, we ended up getting Quick Trip hotdogs (the best cheap food ever!!) and then driving up to Piedmont Park to walk around. On a side note: I tell you that as long as I balked against the digital age I am TOTALLY addicted now. I let Spencer use the digital since he is just starting out on his photo journey and I used one of my old film cameras. Every time I took a picture I would pull the camera away from my face in order to see the shot I took. I still have yet to take my rolls to get developed and put on CD because I am not about to waste my money on having the pictures printed sight unseen. I can’t believe I used to spend so much money on having roll after roll developed and printed when I first started out….I will be the first to tell you that was a LOT of crappy pictures.

Our free date day ended again not so free when we splurged a bit at Maggiano’s and went over the amount of the gift card, but it was worth it. We had a great day and it was so relaxing for the most part.

It has been several weeks and I still have not taken my film to be developed and scanned to CD. I am SUCH a procrastinator. Anyway, I played with some that I took on the digital. Please leave me feedback as to how they look because I have been experimenting with some new brushes I downloaded and am not sure how it is turning out.

I felt quite stalkerish taking the last photos of the little girl in the park but I could not help it...she was beautiful and the shot was too good to pass up. The first two shots on here are using grunge filters for which I will more than happily give crdits to the creators as soon as I figure out why the internet will not pull up their sites from my favorites. On the first shot with the girl on her trike, I increased saturation to give it a warmer hue and then grunged it a bit. On the second of the girl on her trike, I desaturated it some and then added the swirlies. I like them but am not 100% sure if I LOVE them.

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