Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Promise

The other day I was on my way to meet my dad and pick up Liam from a weekend in Macon and on the way to our rendezvous point on the left of me were piles of dark gray clouds and sporadic rain and on my right was bright sunshine and blue skies with clouds scattering here and there on the horizon. Of course this meant that the view to my left was so beautiful as the sunlight masterfully painted the landscape with light, vividly in contrast with the dark background. At a clearing I reached, I beheld a full rainbow across the sky that was absolutely clear and breathtaking. Such as I had never seen before. I was even able to see the end of the rainbow, as it seemed to be racing across the ground with my car as I traveled by.

The smile on my face did not readily leave after a sighting such as this. I couldn’t help but think of how this rainbow represented an age old promise Jehovah made never to ruin the earth with a flood again. When you think of it, what an awe-inspiring sight the rainbow must have been to Noah and his family. It quite likely had never rained before so that the like of it had never been seen. What a beautiful representation of His promise Jehovah gave to them. Makes you think of how beautiful all of His promises are and how they are to come to fruition in the near future. :) The smile is back on my face.

The rainbow I saw was not this one but I had to give you an idea of what I saw:

This is similar to how my rainbow looked as it raced me in the car. :)


  1. I saw the pic 1st and I was saying OMG Abra that is one awesome pic and then I read what you said. Too bad you didn't have your camera

  2. h/o where is this from? Did you paint this or is this some random photo you found of a gorgeous rainbow?


  3. I wish I had painted it. I haven't painted in so long. Heck, I just wish I had taken the pictures. It is a picture I found on google by typing in full rainbow and looking at the images it pulled up.