Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm sorry I could not come up with a better title for this post but that best described my feelings at the time. There is nothing like having your hard work pay off. Earlier this week on the 25th was my first monthly weigh in and measurement time at Curves. I had been going for a month and had worked out 10 times by that point. I knew by my scale at home that I had lost a few pounds (more notably, I went below my lowest weight yo-yo) but did not think my progress had gotten that far otherwise. Boy was I excited when the girl who measured me was surprised and impressed by the fact that I had lost an average of an inch all around. YES! That means bust, waist, and hips with only ½ of an inch around my belly (stupid belly fat {{grrr}}). It was also a nice surprise that the scale there said I lost more weight than my scale at home.

Sorry if I am boring you with all this but I am just so excited I had to share. I called 4 people after I left the gym on Tuesday.

I will be posting the more interesting photos of my little man at the memorial this year VERY soon for all of you who like to keep up with updates on Liam.

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