Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forebearers of Spring

I have so much to catch up on but there are not enough hours in the day...even with Daylight Savings Time.

Just sharing a thought I had on my way back to work from the gym today. I was noticing how gray everything is in the plant world still but that one of the first things to bloom before Spring is even here are the gorgeous Bradford Pear trees everywhere. Their fluffy white blossoms grace the roadways with the promise that Spring really is right around the corner. I know that this may sound odd, but, in a way it reminded me of John the Baptizer. He announced to all that would listen that the Messiah was to appear soon and not long after Jesus was baptized, John's life met a tragic end. The Bradford Pear trees also testify that Spring is to come but so early in the season they are stripped of their blooms and leave only lustrous green leaves for the rest of the summer.

Our backyard has two fledgling Bradford Pears and tonight the evening light made them brilliant.

I think the funniest thing about these pictures is the story behind me taking them if you don't mind me quickly sharing. I had just finished making dinner and we were trying to get Liam to come to the table without pouting for being so cruelly ripped away from his activities. To do this, we pointed out to him how cool it looked outside with the sun illuminating everything in such an bright and eery way right before sunset. At that point I grabbed my camera and ran outside to take some far away shots of the trees. Not being satisfied with that, I ran across the yard and yelled at the sudden realization of how cold the grass was because it had been pouring rain just hours previously. So here I am taking all these close up shots while my poor husband and child are sitting in the kitchen watching me with their food getting cold on their plates. As penance, I sat through dinner with the bottoms of my jeans soaking wet and COLD. :)

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  1. These photographs are gorgeous! You should totally take more!

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