Monday, March 31, 2008

The Greatest Sacrifice

I think that it is one of the hardest things to explain to a four year old the circumstances surrounding the death of Jesus. We are always praying and talking about Jesus and to tell Liam the story of his death confuses him still. He also had a tendency to still think that it was Jehovah who died on the stake. I have explained to him that Jehovah can never die and that Jesus is his son who is now living in heaven with his father. I think he gets more than I give him credit for.
Spencer took this wonderfully silly shot as we were getting ready to leave.

I will add more very soon but it is late and my computer is acting funky.
YAY!! I have more pictures!!

Handsomeness defined

Stinks that we can never seem to get shots of the 3 of us together

Reminds me of my childhood and the many pictures of me and my "long lost" friends

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