Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ocean Potion Lotion and Other Products I LOVE

It is time for more shameless plugging for products I love to use.

Product number one: ODWALLA

Since I have been trying not to drink sodas I have been trying to find drinks that will help me with my drink boredom. That’s why I have never been a big water drinker. I simply get bored. Well I stopped at a gas station on my way back from the gym and found the most amazing drinks. Unfortunately they cost out the wazoo…but doesn’t everything that is made of quality products. They are these amazing fruit drinks and smoothies. So far I have tried the “NEW” Energy drink and this morning I drank the Strawberry C Monster smoothie drink that is a whopping 97% Juice/Puree. The only downside to these drinks is that you can only drink half of the bottle (one servings worth) at a time and even then they are more calories than I normally care to ingest with a drink. In that way I definitely miss diet sodas that have ZERO calories. {{sigh}} But then again they make me bloated. I have definitely noticed a difference since I do not drink them as often.

Product number two: OCEAN POTION LOTION (heehee I just love saying it)

This is the most amazing stuff. I discovered it last year at Wal-Mart. BIG bottle for only a little over $4 with tax. It is better than any other lotion that I have used so far…including more expensive brands that streak no matter what they claim. After the “sun season” was over last year, I asked Spencer to look for it at Wal-Mart for me and he said that the associate he asked said they don’t carry it anymore. I was so letdown. Turns out they meant they don’t carry it during the fall and winter season. Imagine my delight when I saw it there again as soon as Spring hit. I grabbed a bottle with no hesitation and plan on stocking up before winter. Who says that we don’t want to look tan just because it’s winter?? Look at how well tanning salons do all year round and this is WAY healthier for you. When I was searching for an image online I came across this review online at that I thought would be nice to post:

Ocean Potion is a brand developed from the Sun & Skin Care Research Inc., founded by Gary DeAngelo in 1989 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After marketing their products on the beach there in small shops and realizing the popularity and need for this type of product they moved their facilities to Cocoa, Florida and expanded the line. They manufacture all sun care products and package the products in-house. They also make sunscreens and tanning booth formulas, as well as sunless tanning products. Their motto is to deliver products to the consumer that will “tan, protect and moisturize.”
Now that I have perked your interest, I will tell you a little about these products and what makes them so special. Sun & Skin Care Research, Inc. products are all hypo allergenic and PABA free. They contain natural botanicals and antioxidants for maximum skin health and to slow down the aging process of the skin. The products are also not tested on animals. Some products contain sun protection factors (sunscreens of course) and most but not all are fragrance free.

The bottom line is this company produces products that are healthy for your skin. Not all sunless tanning products include a daily moisturizer but Ocean Potion Ever Glow does. To check out their product line visit Ocean Potion’s website.

I’m telling you girls this is a tanning dream come true. Cheap and effective and, BONUS, so far sunless tanners have not been dissected by scientists to the point that any study has come out that poor white mice in a lab that have been mercilessly slathered with sunless tanning lotions have ended up with cancer.

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