Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Gift of Flowers (Part Deux) a.k.a. Yardwork

As mentioned before, my dear mother in law loves to landscape and has been taking time out of her busy schedule to take care of our yard. In return I always make sure to have a good dinner planned. Since we like to grill out so much, my father-in-law bought us this macdaddy propane grill so that we would have more room because I like to grill not only our meats but also our vegetables and our little grill that we inherited from the previous homeowners was a tight fit…although I will miss the charcoal taste.

Liam LOVES to help in the yard but I believe I have inadvertently created a girly boy because he does NOT like to get dirty (that is if he realizes that he is getting dirty).

You see a picture of him getting all the dirt off of his feet in between little yard duties. I am getting so proud of some of the little boy things he is finally picking up, like picking up bugs. Last night he amazed me by catching a grasshopper (pictures of that to come). Catching a grasshopper is pretty difficult, although he has caught flies before on several different occasions.

Spencer and Steve particularly wanted a picture of Spencer helping Liam guide the tiller because Steve has a picture like that with Spencer as a little boy.

GrandNettie working hard to break up that Georgia Clay.

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