Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Family Members

As I said before, I have so many pictures to share with you from our wonderful weekend in Charleston but as most know, the week after a vacation (even if it is a mini one) is extremely hectic. Our house that was so neat before is looking a bit dissarrayed again. Add to that the fact that we got a puppy Monday night and needless to day I am EXHAUSTED.

Before I can show you any other pictures I must share with you these pictures of Milo (full name: Venus de Milo since she is a girl). We had been playing with the idea of getting a puppy for Liam because he loves dogs so much when Mom told us that she and dad would be willing to pay the start up cost if we got one for him. We originally were looking for a dachshund mix pup but then Sara got a company e-mail/bulletin about two abandoned beagle mix pups. Once I saw this little girl, I was sold.

Just Chillin'

Puppy Love from Mommy
Puppy Kisses for Daddy

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