Monday, May 26, 2008

Just for you Mom

Taking a break from an INCREDIBLY lazy Memorial Day weekend to post some pictures of Liam and his "little sister" just for Mom.
The whole story behind Milo is that Spencer and I have been wanting to get a pet for some time but could not decide what to get because Spencer did NOT want to get a dog. Well after many vetoes on other pets that just weren't practical, we finally decided a dog would be okay if we got the right size (it helped that Mom and Dad were paying the startup vet costs for us as a gift to Liam).

Enter Milo into our lives and pure chaos has ensued. She is the sweetest thing and really very good but I always seem to get dogs at the most inopportune times (like the week before I give birth...SARA) and they ad to the stress. In this case, we got her the day Spencer started his new job. BAD idea. Since we both have to get up early in the morning we take turns getting up with her in the middle of the night. Unfortunately this means that we have been a bit crankier than normal because of it.

The second part of the stress of having a dog is explaining to a 4 year old not to freak out when she jumps on him or nips at him. Constant refrains of "NO BITE!" "She's biting me!" "OW! She bit me!" "OW! She scratched me!" is not fun to deal with. On our end, there is the constant "Liam, that's the way she plays." "Liam, don't pop her unless she hurts you." "Liam if you don't want her to bite you don't put your hand in her face like that." and so forth and so on.


We've only had her two weeks today, it'll get better. . .right?I know you can't tell from the fun he is having right here, but right after this he ran to us crying because a riled up Milo was "attacking" him. Lord forbid she broke some skin.

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