Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tips for your Vacay Photos

The Shutter Sisters blog has a post requesting different ideas for vacation photos. Having just gotten back from Charleston, I have all kinds of fresh photos to share. After playing with them this evening, I am even more excited to share them with you all.

My first tip would be to definitely look for a different angle. You see something you like, DON'T be afraid to squat, lay on the ground whatever you have to do to get a unique angle that you will look at for years to come and be glad you did. Remember, you are a TOURIST and you are excused for so much more for being so. you really think you'll see any of these people again? Who cares if they think you are foolish?
These two shots were taken on our first day in Charleston in what is known to locals as Battery Park. We had just finished walking the whole circumference of the park and were laying down on the ground to rest.
Just an ordinary bench, yes, but look how amazing it looks when you get up close and you show the character of the bench that has seen many things and supported many bottoms.I love these columns. The second shot reminds me of a line of pregnant woman comparing their bellies.


The first photo of my next tip combines my two tips. Get a different angle AND take pictures of the local "wildlife". People are very interesting. Same principle as above applies here. Don't be worried if people think you look weird. Now I don't recommend being the paparazzi to these people living their lives or enjoying their vacation...but if you see a neat shot...TAKE IT!

I did not originally intend for this shot to be so blown out but I love the way it turned out. Personally. ;)
I always love to imagine the backstory of the people I see. I wonder if this little lady is a local who likes to come down to the park daily to capture life with her pencil. Or maybe she was a tourist like us enjoying the day.

This gentleman was so impeccably dressed that he immediately caught my and Spencer's attention. The photo to the left was taken by Spencer while I took the one on the right not realizing he and I had the same idea.

Our second day in Charleston, we rented bikes so that we could see more of the city at our own pace. At a point that I was dying for some cold refreshment, this dear angel called out her offer of free samples of Italian Ice. Spencer and I shared a large Mango Ice which was as close to eating a real mango you can get without actually consuming one. Brain Freeze ensued.

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