Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crimson and Clover

This field of what I believe are red clovers is the bomb!!!!

The following pictures do not even do it justice since all I had with me was my little point & shoot camera. Nevertheless, on the way home from picking Liam up from after school care, I stopped, put on some tennis shoes with my denim skirt and said to Liam:

"Come on baby, let's go play."

He was uber excited to actually be allowed to run through this field as my dear child enjoys the simple things in life still.

And off he goes. . .
P4170806 d
It wasn't long before he found a flower. . .
P4170813 b
. . .that he quickly ran back to give me. I have a sweetheart for a son, no doubt.
P4170816 a
Lord knows what he was telling me here so animatedly. I like to think he was showing me how much he loves me. :D
P4170805 bw
It's very difficult sometimes to get pictures of him where he's not talking (NO idea who that sounds like, nope not at all) so I work with what I can.
P4170828 b

P4170825 a
As we were walking back to the car, he was like, "Mommy, look at how TALL this grass is!"
P4170818 a

And I'll end this post with my mostest favoritest shot of all.
P4170804 b
The epitome of who my son is. Gorgeous, full of life, and almost always with a smile on his face. This is a freezeframe in time for me to always treasure close to my heart. I don't always take the time to enjoy the simple things with this dear little human. This image will be going on the wall to show exactly why I should more often.

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