Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing. . .

. . .my dear dear friends Lee and Deniesheia.
We discussed some time ago taking an afternoon to take their pictures but our schedules never seemed to click until one day I just said let's do it this Saturday. And that was that. :) I'm really not as bossy as I sound. . .who am I kidding, yes I am. :(

The star of this post however, is not my friends as much as it is this awesome market bag by another good friend of mine.
This girl is ridiculously talented and you can check out these awesome market bags as well as the kickbutt aprons she makes HERE. And her newly established blog HERE.
I was talking to Spencer about some ideas I had for the pictures of Lee & Deniesheia which included a quaint little vegetable stand, and he was the brilliant one to come up with the idea to use Wendy's rockin' market bags. He has such good ideas sometimes, I think I just might keep him around.

This gentleman seemed to be in charge of this vegetable stand and I just loved his look.
Right here he was laughing because Deniesheia was raving about how good the hot boiled peanuts were before she had even eaten one. She tried to explain to him she could tell by how they smelled and so forth, but he was still amused.
At one point he asked why I was taking pictures of Deniesheia. My reply, "Because she's beautiful of course!"

Ever the diplomat, his response to that was "Well, I could see that." :D
Soon to come, much more of this photo session. ;)


  1. Makes me want some fresh veggies. The pics are awesome too....................heidi