Friday, April 24, 2009

Totally Rad Eyegasms

Okay so I had to grace your eyes with a little more gorgeousness coming your way. The model shots I showed you last time were not edited much as there were showcasing the work of the wonderful makeup artist I was doing the pictures for.

THESE, however, I totally went wild and had fun with.

Not sure if you any of you remember me mentioning once or a million times before how in love I am with Totally Rad Actions by Doug Boutwell and it is in the top 5 best investments I have made towards my photography. . .yeah, well this won't be the last time I sing their praises either.

I don't really keep track of what actions I use on each but I have an idea, so if you are a photographer and are curious as to which actions I use the most and why, feel free to contact me.
Model 4

Model 5
All that I did on some of these is boost up the contrast on some of them with this kick butt action of Doug Boutwell's called Can-o-Whoopa$$. Yeah, he definitely has some unique names for his actions.

If you look REAL close at this next one you can see a little cameo of yours truly. :D
Model 6

Jennifer 9
Something about this image reminds me of this one.
Jennifer 8

Jennifer 7

Jennifer 6
I know that there is an inordinate amount of images of Jennifer on here but, what can I say, she's my best friend and she's gorgeous. 'Nuff said. :P
Jennifer 5

Model 2

Model 3
I ran a cool and funky action called Pool Party on this one that gives it almost a seventies feel to it. I think it worked remarkably well with the turquoise makeup and dress.
Model 7
I would have absolutely adored to have had my hair fixed like this for my wedding.
Model 8
I would have had to have had extensions put in to make it look this fantabulous but. . .whatevah.

There is something so extraordinarily sexy about how her back in this image. How the image leads your eye to the curve of her lower back and how the chain just dangles. Scrumptious! I love it! :)
Model 9
Can we say VA VA VOOM! 1940's Hollywood Glamour all up in your face!!!
Jennifer 1
Last but not least. . .

In the words of Captain Marvel, "SHAZAM!!" Another personal favorite of Jennifer. Hot stuff indeed.
Jennifer 3
By the way, if I can get some feedback on the way I have been posting the images of late. I used to have it where the images were centered in the middle of the page. That, however, involved uploading them directly to Blogger which took TWO BLOOMIN' AGES!!! No fun and then a lot of time, it would fail in the middle of uploading 5 images. Enough is enough, dontcha know? So I started using Photobucket and loved it but it kept causing my internet explorer to inexplicably close whenever I would go in to choose which images to upload. Now I have been using Flickr, but since my blogging has been on FIYAH I am about at my limit on it.

SO anyway, the purpose of that rambling explanation above is to say that by using Flickr and Photobucket, I am unable to center the images anymore. Is this an issue with anyone? Do you find it more visually pleasing to have them centered on the page? Please oh please let me know. I want to make sure that everything about my blog is user appreciated so I am constantly trying to improve the overall look and such. Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.

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  1. I think they look good the way they are. The only thing is I think they maybe a little too big. You want to make them where you can click on them if they want to see more detail, does that make sense? In other words you can't see the entire picture on one screen