Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Glimpse Into the Past

Up until a certain age, which I am so glad Liam has not reached yet, your children stop looking like your little baby when they sleep and start looking like kids. I just had to post this picture of my little baby sleeping with his stuffed dog Bailey (named after one of his many little doggie friends that have died in his short 4 years of life). He has never been one to have ONE toy that he can’t be without but he does have to have his stuffed animals surrounding him in bed but he rotates which he wants. I don’t really object because Mom has a picture of me with all of my dolls lined up on my pillow while I slept on the itty bitty doll pillow.

In addition to his cuteness factor when sleeping is the fact that he is the biggest wiggleworm and he maneuvers himself into the oddest positions. As a special treat, we let him fall asleep on the couch while we watched a movie and folded laundry the other night. When I got up, this is how he was laying.
And here is daddy asleep right next to him.

So much for having help with the laundry. :)

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