Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Beginnings

One of my newest prints that I have in my little shop

I am totally nervous and queasy at the thought of change. Change scares me. I actually don’t know which scares me more, change or confrontation. I avoid both at most all costs.

Spencer and I are about to enter into a period of change and within the next 3 months I am going to have to face confrontation. Both of these situations are not necessarily bad but they scare the pants of me.

Spencer turned in his two weeks notice today to the company he has been working for for two years now. He loves the company but drives an hour back and forth every day and makes less than I do. He ran across an ad in the paper about a month ago for a drafting job in Conyers and applied. They initially were not offering as much as he wanted to change jobs but he put the amount out there and they met his demands. SCARY stuff. It will save us SO much money in gas AND it is more money than he makes now. I just hope and pray he will be happy.

That was the change part. . .

Confrontation is going to come on my end. After flirting with the idea of finding a job closer to home myself (I even applied for a position as an Education Reporter for the local newspaper…no call back) I have re-evaluated things. One of the big reasons I took this job was because my sister who has a more extensive knowledge of my boss and his personality said that she was pretty sure that he would allow me to go part time after a year. If I took on a brand new job closer to home then I would have to wait longer to even dream of asking to go part time.

SO when the beginning of August rolls around I am going to ask my boss to go part time so that I can further pursue my spiritual goals. Just thinking about it now ties my stomach in knots. This will mean a lot of pinching pennies but I strongly believe and know that I, and my family, will be happier and better off spiritually and emotionally.

{{big smile}}

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