Thursday, April 10, 2008

i do. . .i don't

i do love being healthy
i don’t like having to pay so much to be healthy

i do love movies
i don’t like 3D movies that are becoming the rage

i do love style
i don’t love fashion

i do love travel
i don’t love not being able to do so

i do adore Spring and Fall
i don’t care so much for Summer and Winter

i do love chiropractic care
i don’t love doctors who think they know it all…even chiropractors

i do love sugar
i don’t like my addiction to it

i do love MUSIC
i don’t like teeny bopper music

i do watch American Idol
i don’t like most reality shows

i do love photography
i don’t get the chance to play with it as much as I’d like

i do love the beach
i don’t like that it’s so far away from me

i do love to create schedules and budgets
i don’t find it easy to stick to them

i do cuss
i don’t like to

i do miss my family
i don’t want to live in Macon again

i do have regrets in life
i don’t think I would change anything

I am going to tag my gorjuss sister with this but that means I have to actually obligate myself to finish a tag she sent me some time ago. Stay tuned for that.

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