Monday, April 21, 2008


One of the talks on the assembly program Sunday was about the example parents should set for their children in the truth. One interviewee mentioned how his parents always talked fondly of their time spent in the full time ministry and that helped spur him on. My parents were always like that also. The brightest best times in their married lives were when they were serving in Bethel or special pioneering in North Carolina right after they got married. My mom always recalls fondly the time when she worked unassigned territory in Kentucky. I always complain that my dad is impossible to get gifts for because his only hobby is the Truth. :D I think all of this is the basis for my (so far) unfulfilled desire to pioneer and I thank them for that.
I love how they are attempting to interlace their fingers but not quite succeeding. My mom has the tiniest little hands that it is impossible for her to interlace her little fingers with my dad’s big paws.

That is why I love this picture of my parents holding hands at the assembly with my dad’s personal bound Bible in the foreground. They have stuck through the hard times with the help of Jehovah and they have been such a wonderful example for me. They have handed down to me a priceless spiritual heritage.

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