Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lessons From My Mother

Fun times with beer bottles & underage children! :O
Growing up in a small "going nowhere fast" town was not much fun for my sister and I. Having the tendency to remain in my own little bubble world so I never realized or gave much thought how living there affected my parents’ or thought about their take on the matter. Later in life, I remember my mom telling me that there were times that she had declined to think about moving away so as not to leave her friends. However, as time wore on, one by one they moved away and left her instead. Through my mother’s experience, I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t let your friends prevent you from making a needed move in your life otherwise you will end up getting left yourself. Unfortunately, in this modern world, people don’t stay in the same place and it is a fact of life.

Bringing me to these reflections is the happy occasion that a couple that Spencer and I are very close to came over for dinner a couple of Saturdays ago. We helped them move about an hour and a half away back in September. The fact that we had such a short time to build our friendship saddens me. Long story short, we lived in the same apartment complex for almost a full year before I had the courage to start befriending Jenny. I was intimidated by her and her amazing beauty. Even though Spencer had grown up with Jenny they weren’t very close anymore. Oh the days of living in the same apartment complex when we would just walk to each other’s place for movie nights. We technically left them first when we moved to a house. At least we stayed in the same city.

We had a great time that Saturday, grilling out and watching a movie and just hanging out. Jenny fell asleep on the couch as usual, although she has the best reason to now that she is growing a little human being. YAY!! By the way, she has her own little Etsy shop here so check her out and help support her and her little growing lima bean. The photographs of her artwork are a work in progress as she herself will admit but I can attest to the fact that she is incredibly talented. I did not get any pictures that weekend but above are some shots of past revelries.

I love how our friends are comfortable enough to fall asleep at our home.

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