Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is a new photograph that I just listed for sale on my Etsy shop
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I love my son’s belly button. It is just the cutest thing ever. It used to be an innie and then one day when I was holding him as an infant, it suddenly became an outie. I know!! I am a freak for loving his belly button.

I am addicted to blogs of people I do not know. I obsessively read
this one like it is a book and am waiting for the next chapter.

I have a bad habit of picking my toenails when I have access to my feet…weird, annoying, AND disgusting.

I am slowly and yet not so slowly turning into my mother. Scratch that…I AM my mother. :) :P

I wish I had a better communicative relationship with my father. I love him to death but we just don't talk much.

I am sadly prone to road rage. It doesn't help that it has been fueled by my hour long commute to work in HORRENDOUS Atlanta traffic. Sadly I believe it is rubbing off on my son. :(

I have always wanted dancing lessons. I love to dance and just wish I knew what I was doing so that I would be more confident.

My sister is right. . .WHO to tag is definitely the hardest part. Fortunately enough, I am talking to my sister on the phone right now and she is relieving me of that obligation.

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