Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I found this picture of Liam on an old memory card the other day. It was right before I got his first "big boy" haircut.

So my sister and I were in somewhat of the same melancholy spirits yesterday. Liam and I visited the “big boy” school to register him for kindergarten. I had to fill out Liam’s whole life story while he went to get his vision and hearing checked. It took quite a while to explain to him that he wouldn’t be going there until he was 5 and that although JJ was already 5 he wouldn’t be going there yet either.

The biggest stinky thing is that I am going to have to get Liam immunized. I have been able to avoid it for a while now and wish that I had never succumbed in ignorance to getting him inundated with shots when he was an infant. As I was telling my sister yesterday, being more educated about certain things health wise is not only a blessing but a curse. I wish I could ignorantly get my child immunized without knowing deep down that shots are just the scared school system’s way of covering their butt with a security blanket and that shots are not all that they say they are. . . so there. {{poking out bottom lip}} If I had lied and said that wasn’t getting his shots for religious reasons then I would have been home free. Instead I put down medical and now they want a release from his doctor’s office saying it’s okay for him not to have his shots. {{grrrr}} That won’t happen because it’s the same office that will give him a shot to keep him from throwing up EVEN THOUGH they admitted they didn’t know what was wrong with him. Sorry got off on a rant here.

ONWARD to happier thoughts. It was nice to have the rest of the day off with Liam though. I had passed some pretty country spots on the way to pick Liam up so after the school stuff, Liam and I went on a photo taking excursion. I hated to leave him in the car but seeing how I was traversing along the highway I didn’t want to risk him wandering along the road (the fruits of those labors to be posted soon). Afterward we hit up the mad cow home and got Liam a McHappy Meal and then on to Big Lots to buy a flower pot. . .and a few other treats. . .{ahem} NECESSARY things. ;)

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  1. My cute rosey baby. I just wanna hold him, squeeze him, love him and call him George.