Monday, April 21, 2008

Tears of Joy

This is my first true best friend, Lesley, and I. I love her dearly.

This was a wonderful weekend. I got to spend all day Saturday with my sister as we got lost in Woodstock, GA trying to find this stamping swap we were going to. Funny how one wrong turn off of the interstate can get you all kinds of lost.
Sunday was the best though. We were going to the Special Day Circuit Assembly in Conyers to see the husband of one of our childhood best friend’s get baptized.
My buddy Rob getting baptized.
Little did we know that one of our other childhood friends (also my first crush) was also getting baptized. And his sister from California whom I hadn’t seen in six years (since her wedding) was also here. I was ecstatic to say the least. Tears welled up on more than one occasion. Not very often one gets to cry actual tears of joy.
My first childhood crush, Daniel, getting baptized.
Anyway, the events of my weekend left me emotionally exhausted (and, funnily enough, left my voice strained and I feel like Phoebe on "Friends" when she was raspily singing "smelly cat") from so much laughing and good time having thus Monday morning came too soon. Back to the workday drudgery. :P I have a lot of pictures to catch up on so you will soon be inundated with those.

Much love to all my friends (and strangers) who actually read of my goings on.

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